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Boosting lead generation for a well-known stock advisory firm


Share Trading Experts


Finance & Investment


Navi Mumbai


Share Trading Experts is a leading stock market advisory firm, offering expert insights and guidance to traders and investors. However, they were struggling to generate enough leads through their marketing efforts. They approached us to help them increase their lead generation and reach a wider audience through social media.


To help Share Trading Experts boost their lead generation, we developed and implemented a targeted social media campaign. We created engaging content and used targeted ads to reach potential clients on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We also set up lead generation forms and landing pages to capture leads and nurture them through the sales funnel. Our efforts paid off, as Share Trading Experts saw a significant increase in leads and conversions from our social media campaigns.

What all we did?

  • Landing Page Development
  • Leads Generation
  • Social Media Marketing

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