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Driving qualified leads for stock market advisory firm with social media campaigns


Real Stock Experts


Finance & Investment


Navi Mumbai


Real Stock Experts is a leading provider of stock market advisory services. The company approached us with the goal of generating leads and increasing brand awareness through social media marketing.


We executed the project by first developing a landing page for Real Stock Experts to capture leads. We then ran targeted social media campaigns across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google (AdWords). We carefully crafted ad copy and visuals to appeal to the target audience and drive traffic to the landing page. In addition, we implemented retargeting campaigns to stay top of mind with potential leads.

As a result of our efforts, Real Stock Experts saw a significant increase in qualified leads and brand awareness. The company was able to convert a higher percentage of leads into paying customers, leading to a measurable increase in ROI.

What all we did?

  • Landing Page Development
  • Leads Generation
  • Social Media Marketing

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