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Transforming the Brand Identity of Jhalak Constructions


Jhalak Constructions


Builders & Developers


Thane, Mumbai


Jhalak Constructions, a leading building, and development company approached us with the goal of refreshing their brand image and positioning themselves as a modern and professional company in the industry. They wanted to design their logo, stationery, brochure, and outdoor advertising designs to better reflect their values and services.


Our team worked closely with Jhalak Constructions to understand their vision and target audience. We designed a sleek and minimalist logo that incorporated the company’s initials, J and C, into a geometric shape. We also created a cohesive brand identity system for their stationery, brochure, and outdoor advertising designs, using a consistent color palette and typography.

To showcase their projects and their USPs, we designed a brochure that featured high-quality images and clear, concise descriptions of their project. For their outdoor advertising, we created visually striking hoardings that conveyed the company’s professionalism and expertise.

Overall, the rebranding project helped Jhalak Constructions to establish a strong and professional brand image in the building and development industry, and they have received positive feedback from clients and industry professionals.

What all we did?

  • Brochure Design
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Design
  • OOH Design
  • Stationery Design

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